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WILPF Burlington-Branch Meeting Minutes

Burlington WILPF Meeting,  June 14, 2022, held on Zoom

Robin Lloyd called the meeting to order at 5:05 PM.


Members Present:  Few! Marguerite Adelman (in Canada),Jane Hendley, Jean Hopkins, Robin Lloyd, Mary Ellen Tamulonis.

Disarm Committee: Robin reported that the committee had learned that the  nations that ratified the treaty prohibiting nuclear weapons will be meeting June 21-23 in Vienna for the first time since the treaty went into force on January 22, 2021. But it is  not getting much media attention and WILPF Disarm is urging members to contact major news outlets urging them to cover it. For more information and  for letter-writing specifications go to


Summer Schedule:

A. July 16-14 WILPF 33rd Congress,  online.

B. July 16-24 WILPF (local gathering) at Wing Farm. The group brainstormed possible topics: Haiti, Ukraine

C. Hiroshima Day:  There was enthusiasm for  a commemoration, though not as elaborate as last year’s? Possibly handing  out flyers at the Burlington Farmer’s Market?

Co-sponsorship of two candidate forums with the League of Women Voters:  Marguerite reported that the two forums for Secretary of State candidates and the House of Representatives forums we had agreed to co-sponsor will be held on June 22  and June 30. We can ask two questions. There was some disagreement,  but the group decided on these questions to ask at the House of Representatives forum and later  verified by email poll: 1. Given that PFAS chemicals and other environmental toxins affect women, pregnancy, and human development, what will you do as a legislator to help protect the health of women, children, and families from these toxic chemicals in our air, soil, and water and in the products we purchase? 2. War and the war economy hurts women and children, leaving little money for the things that they need and care about: Health care, food, education, housing, climate change, and more. As a legislator, how will you work to change our economy to one that works for people and planet and not for the military-industrial complex?

PFAS Coalition: Marguerite reported that meetings were going well. They are working with State legislators to strengthen existing laws and push for stronger ones.   She worked on the military poisons website. They were working on getting City departments to ban PFAS-containing items from their purchases. A river near where she is staying in Canada has a lot o white PFAS foam and she is working with a local group.

Women, Money, and Democracy Committee: Public banking: Jean reported on some cities that allow public banking, including Philadelphia and North Dakota. North Dakota has had public banking the longest

The meeting ended at 6:05 PM.  The next meeting will be held on July 12 at 5:00 PM.


Respectfully submitted,


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