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WILPF Burlington Branch Meeting Minutes

WILPF Meeting Burlington Branch February 8, 2022, Held on Zoom



 Robin Lloyd called the meeting to order at 5:05 PM.


1. Members Present:  Marguerite Adelman, Charlotte Dennett, Rickey Gard Diamond, Jane Hendley, Jean Hopkins, Robin Lloyd, Mary Ellen Tamulonis, Jenna Linn Thayer, Max.

2. Guest: John Reuwer, Physicians for Social Responsibility.

3. Taking Action against Century Arms: Robin had sent out some good information.  Century Arms is an international arms dealer based in Georgia, Vermont. They take arms legally bought from other countries and add to their fire power here, making them equivalent to weapons used by the military. That circumvents laws preventing such weapons from being imported to the US, and they are implicated in illegal arms trafficking. Robin had sent out information that Mexico is suing several United States arms dealers, including Century Arms because their weapons have been illegally trafficked internationally too and implicated in many crimes and murders in Mexico.  Robin reported she was on a call with Rickey Gard Diamond to Global Exchange about bringing attention to the matter. We will NOT be holding a webinar on March 7, but on  Mother’s Day May 8 we discussed a possible action at Century Arms. Cutting up a gun to make it harmless there was discussed. A real gun? A cardboard representation? Robin will work further on this event with Rickey Gard Diamond and contact Gunsense Vermont to see if they are interested.

4. J.R.H. 7 Opposing the Basing of Nuclear Arms Delivery Systems in Vermont: John Reuwer reported that this Vermont  House resolution from 2019  is presently stuck in the General, Housing, and Miliary Affairs Committee. Emails and phone calls are needed to members of that committee to move it along. Robin and Jenna will draft an email to WILPF members.

5. Website to Post Burlington Branch WILPF Minutes and Other Documents: Robin and Jenna reported they decided after the last meeting that instead of posting minutes in Google Docs, using the already-existing Vermont WILPF Gathering website might be preferable at Jenna has tentatively posted the Dec. 14, 2021 minutes there and shared her screen to show how the website was organized. The group agreed to use the Vermont WILPF gathering website for posting Burlington branch documents and post further and past minutes there.  The Jan. 11, 2022 minutes were sent out recently for approval. Jenna said many things like font size and color can be changed if need be.

6. Poor People’s Campaign: Call to March on Washington June 18: Robin reported that WILPF has been involved for a long time as a supporter.  She said surprisingly there was presently no Vermont representative in this group to coordinate and encourage Vermonters to go to Washington and/or have a state action.  We will discuss further action at our next meeting.

7. The meeting ended at 6:30. Our next meeting will be March 8 at 5:00. Yes! International Women’s Day!