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Notes from The WILPF Gathering, August 14 - 16, 2021

Friday, August 13-15

On the weekends, beginning Friday, August 13-15, and 20-22, we will be taking part in the WILPF US 34th Congress by zoom. Join us on a group screen, or register and take part at home.

You can view the complete Congress schedule and register here: triennial-congress. WILPF members across the country will be meeting to plan the focus for the next three years. Many exciting speakers!

Sunday: 3 PM on  US Congress zoom link:  Robin moderating discussion with 4 anti-nuclear activists: UNITING COMMUNITIES FOR ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE: RADIOACTIVE POLLUTION – DEADLY IN ANY SPACE

Monday, August 16

10:00 am - Introduction and themes for our week together.

11:00 am - Educator Laurie Larson on Health, Freedom and the Pandemic, with Sandy Baird


2:00 pm - Charlotte Dennett on Afghanistan: Do the women stand a chance?


4:00 pm - Jean Vertheim: Why I have written two books on the holocaust.

6:30 pm - Eileen Kurkoski: Highlights from Ray Acheson’s, “Banning the Bomb, Smashing the Patriarchy” about the making of the TPNW, with our group reading & discussing parts of the remarkable Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.  View or print the 11 page Treaty

8:00 pm - Congress Zoom session: How To - Legislative Advocacy: Uniting for Effectiveness

Tuesday, August 17

10:00 am - Haiti’s Second Revolution:  World Premiere of Robin’s historic film

Shot in 1991. Followed by speaker and artist Elsie Berrouet and journalist Jane Regan.


Also, June Levinson, who has sponsored and created a garden project (AKV) in Haiti since 1988, will join us, with two friends.

2:00 pm - Journalist and activist Eric Agnero from Cote D’Ivoire will speak on Africa.

Black Lives Can’t Matter Until African Lives Matter:

An advocacy for uprooting US racially biased support to French neo-colonialism in Africa.

Wednesday, August 18

10:00 am - Former Economics professor at UVM, John Summa, will speak by zoom about his soon to be published book Class Canceled: Keeping the Economics Curriculum Safe for Capitalism. This is a nonfiction book about the teaching of economics in institutions of higher education, and the narrowing of its aims with respect to broadly and critically educating students.

2:00 pm - Christine Meagher, World Language Education in Rural Vermont.

Thursday, August 19

4:00 pm - Remembrance and reading of poems by and for Phyllis Rachel Larrabee

Poet, writer and peace activist (1938-2021) at the Gazebo in Rochester Commons, VT

Friday, August 20

11:00 am - Eleanor Ott: a shared reading  of her play Weaving the World Anew


2:00 pm - Birthday celebration for Eleanor in Rochester!

Saturday & Sunday, August 21 & 22

Stay on for another weekend of tuning in to the US WILPF Congress!


You can view the complete Congress schedule here: triennial-congress.

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