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Notes from WILPF Gathering at Wing Farm July 17 - 20, 2008

Thursday, July 17

2:00 pm: Welcome, registration, swimming, etc.

3:30 pm: Anne Peterman - The Politics of Trees at the UN. Anne attended the Convention on Biological Diversity's Ninth UN Conference and was offended by the corporate takeover of the debate.

5:30 pm: Dinner.

7:00 pm: A video at the park house on  the square in Rochester - What a Way to Go: Life at the End of an Empire. Filmmakers Tim Bennett and Sally Erickson are soon-to-be residents in the Rochester area, and will be available to lead a discussion after the screening.

Friday, July 18

10:00 am: Robin Lloyd - What Does Cuba's Special Period (1990-1998) have to tell us about our current fuel and food crisis? (Robin spent 4 months in Cuba in the spring of 2008.

12:00 pm: Lunch.

2:00 pm: Carolyn Baker - Creating Community in a post-collapse world. Carolyn is a history professor, a former psychotherapist, and a student of myth and ritual. She has recently relocated to Vermont from her home in the Southwest. (See her article "Location, Location, Relocation" on her website:

4:00 pm: Dorothy Tod - Water Power: Ground Water, Stormwater and Eminent Domain. Since surviving the MAd River flood of 1998, Dorothy has studied water - its issues, history and properties. She will update us on the health of the aquifer, lead us in a water ritual and set us foraging for roots and herbs for our localvore dinner.

6:00 pm: Lovalvore dinner.

7:30 pm: Hattie Nestel and Deb Katz on the struggle to close Vermont Yankee.

9:30 Pm: Full moon celebration.

Saturday, July 19

10:00 am: Co-president Nancy Munger, Pat O'Brien and Sha'an Mouliert - Whither WILPF: An Update on the 2008 TriAnnual US WILPF Congress.

2:00 pm: Joan Ecklein - Shock Doctrine: A Discussion of Naomi Klein's book. Nancy Lee-Wood - Building Resilient Communities for a Post-carbon Future.

4:00 pm: Charlotte Dennett - Pipeline Politics: An Update. Marilyn Levin - The Crisis Between Israel/Palestine. Marilyn works with the Boston Middle East Task Force.

6:00 pm: Dinner.

7:30 pm: Marg Van Clef - Iraq and Iran: How to Stop the War. Also, a report from Elizabeth Adams who attended the recent National Assembly to end the Iraq war in Cleveland, Ohio, whose goal is to create the largest possible mass-mobilization to stop the war and end the occupation.

Sunday, July 20

10:00 am: Feminist History with Cyndy Bittinger, Robin Lloyd and Judith Beckett. Cyndi has taught classes on Women's History and Vermont History at the Community College of Vermont. She will speak about the Vermont Women's History Project. Judith is a feminist philatelist (stamp collector). Robin is working on a WILPF history slideshow.

12:00 pm: Lunch and wrap up.

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