The WILPF Gathering, 


Friday, August 14

Friday night: Bring your own food. Quiche provided from Sandy's Cafe. Coffee, wine and other drinks provided. Links on Saturday and Sunday conversations by zoom will be posted here by Friday.

Saturday, August 15

10 am:  Welcome and Discussion with Dorothy Tod  on the Bagavad-Gita. Face-to-face.


11 am:  Charlotte Dennett: What really happened in Beirut? Charlotte was borne in Beirut. Face-to-face & Zoom (see Zoom instructions above).


12 pm:  lunch - Salad from garden.  Discussion of the recent Reparations Resolution passed unanimously by the Burlington City Council, plus Cancel Culture, how long will the shutdown last?, etc. Face-to-face.


2 pm:  Zoom conversation with new resident of Rochester who has recently written a book about why she resigned from serving in the State Department in the South Sudan. Elizabeth Shackelford was a U.S. diplomat until December 2017 when she resigned in protest of the administration. She served in Somalia, South Sudan, Poland, and Washington, DC. Elizabeth is a fellow with the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft and author of "The Dissent Channel: American Diplomacy in a Dishonest Age,"  published in May 2020. 


4 pm:  Report from Marguerite on the Vt suffrage project, and the New England campaign to restrict toxic chemicals from our airports. Face-to-face & Zoom (smaller WILPF group - link not published publicly).


6:30 pm:  Dinner.  Stay Saturday night if you'd like.

Sunday, August 16

11 am: Conversation with Sameena Nazir from Pakistan. Zoom.